SUNDAYS at 11:30a & 7:01p

IOLA Español at 9:30a

We want to invite you to “Come As You Are”

One of the hardest things in life is finding a place to just be you. However at InsideOut Church, we want you to come connect with us just as you are. No alterations or adjustments need to be made. No masking or acting is necessary… simply come. You can be dressed up, dressed down, happy or hurting; we know you’ll feel at home and accepted. Come join us Sundays at 7:01p, just as you are!

We are a multicultural, multi-generational church serving the Los Angeles / Echo Park community. We desire to see lives, homes, community, and the world transformed through the message of Jesus Christ. We are real people committed to impacting others by loving God, loving people, and serving compassionately.


God…God is bigger and better than you can imagine.

Jesus…Jesus is God showing himself to us.

Holy Spirit…God lives in and through us now.

Revelation… The Bible is God’s never-failing guidebook for life.

Creation…Nothing “just happened”. God created it all.

Salvation…Grace is the only way to have a relationship with God.

Sanctification…God’s will for us is to grow to Christlikeness.

Good and Evil…God has allowed evil to provide a choice.

God can bring good even out of evil events.

The Afterlife…Death is not the end but the beginning. Heaven and hell are real places.

The Church…The only true world “superpower” is the Church. It will last forever.

Prayer…Prayer can do anything God can do.

Second Coming…Jesus is coming again to judge the world and gather his children.

Sold out to God…God is our highest value and our dear Father in heaven

Radically Inclusive…all people matter to God and they matter to us

Practical Common-sense messages…practical help for daily life

Flexible in Style and Program…we are open to change in style and program

We expect commitment…we grow by our commitments

Integrity in every area of life…accountable to you and trustworthy to God

Structured for the ministry of all God’s people…There is a place for every one

Non-arrogance/personal respect…we don’t tell you how to vote or put you in a box