God Has The Best Plan

Learning to Surrender

As humans we like to make plans.

We like to categorize our lives and push forward with the things we think we need and want. In James 4, however, we learn that we can make plans all we want, but God always has the final say in the matter.

The truth is God has a plan for us all. It may not be the easiest or nicest path, but when we put our faith in Him, we learn that God always has the best plan.

We should not look at it as a blind “leap of faith” as many people say. Instead, it is trust. Trust that our Lord loves us, has plans for us, and that His plan is and will always be the best plan.

This trust requires surrendering to the will of God. It requires submission. It requires obedience. It requires steadfastness.

God’s plan may not fit in your schedule, your timeline, or with what you think you may need from your life but when you follow His will, your life will be forever changed. Do you need to come before Him and talk to Him about His plans for you?

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