• Youth Airsoft Event

    The IOLA Students took their first trip together to test thier skills in an epic Airsoft battle…

  • Claudia’s Story

    I’m Claudia, and this is my story. I chose to write out my story instead of filming a video because the story of what Christ has done for me is very emotional to share, and I don’t want to cry in front of you all. My upbringing growing up, I...

  • Brittney’s Story

    Brittney shares her story with us and tells how God took her out of a life of sex trafficking and hardship, and drastically transformed her life.

  • Leo’s Story

    Listen as Leo shares his story and how the power of persistent invitation to the gospel, helped change his life.

  • Snow & More 2017

    IOLA’s annual Christmas outreach event with snow!

  • IOLA One Year Anniversary!

    This video highlights some of IOLA’s best moments over our first year in LA.

  • Niños De Baja

    Recently IOLA took a trip down to Mexico to visit our friends at the orphanage Niños De Baja, and they had a blast!

  • Kid’s Block Party

      We shut down the street for three days this year and poured into our community’s youth with some games, food, crafts and more!